Colostrum Collection Kit

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Prepare for breastfeeding 

Being prepared for breastfeeding is important, and antenatal expressing is a popular and beneficial process to give many mums a head start on breastfeeding. 

Our kit contains everything you need to collect colostrum in your 3rd trimester. 

The Kit Contains:

1 x Re-usable jute bag (perfect for your nappy bag to store small & loose items)

1 x 30ml measuring cup with lid

1 x hand expressing technique instructions

5 x 1ml sterile syringe

5 x 3ml sterile syringe

3 x 5ml sterile syringe

2 x 10ml sterile syringe

15 x syringe caps to ensure no milk is wasted. 

15 x date & name labels


When done safely and with guidance from the health professionals, mums can get experience in expressing ahead of the baby arriving and understand the process of expressing colostrum to help with the baby’s growth.


Please Note:

Always discuss with your healthcare provider before you begin to ensure antenatal expression is right for you.