Washing + Product Care Instructions

Linen Clothing + Bibs

We choose to manufacture our baby clothing with 100% linen. Linen clothing stands the test of time and also softens after each wash, making it comfortable yet durable.

Linen fabric is cool, breathable and dries faster than cotton, making it the perfect fabric for our little ones in the warmer months.

Wash/Care Instructions

The best method for washing is always hand washing. However, for heavily soiled clothing we recommend washing linen at a cool temperature and using a mild detergent on a gentle cycle.

Leather + Leather Suede Shoes

Soft Soled Baby Shoes

Podiatrists and Health Care professionals generally recommend bare feet or soft soled shoes when babies are learning to walk. Soft soles are flexible and help support the bone development of your little ones feet. All of our baby shoes are made with 100% genuine leather this means they are durable, softer and more comfortable than synthetic shoes and allow little feet to breathe.

Wash/Care Instructions

Our leather soft soled shoes are very easy to look after. Simply wipe over with a clean damp cloth and allow to dry naturally out of direct sunlight.

Hard Soled Infant Shoes

Special care instructions for shoes crafted with vegetable leather: We recommend keeping the shoes away from water for the first month. This allows the leather to absorb oils naturally and produce a natural water resistance.

Blankets + Wraps

Our Snuggle Hunny Kids Diamond Knit Baby Blankets and Organic Muslin Wraps are both made from 100% cotton. Our blankets and wraps are easy to launder in the washing machine on a cold gentle cycle.


For any other queries about washing or care instructions, please feel free to contact us via: hello@thelittlebohoco.com.au

Photo credit: @alannahmortonphotography via @snugglehunnykids