'Wanderer' Leather Sandal - Seconds Sale

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This is your opportunity to purchase our very popular 'Wanderer' Sandals at a heavily discounted price.

At The Little Boho Co are committed to bringing you high quality products and we received a small batch that do not quite meet our (high) expectations. These are very minimal flaws - in fact majority of customers will probably not even notice! The flaws do not effect the comfort of the shoe, it is purely aesthetic.

This style has a 'raw edge' and with this particular batch of shoes, the raw edge has not been sanded correctly, so there is a (tiny) overhang where the leather insole meets the base. (See last photo) Looking down at the shoe you will not notice this flaw at all.

These are a truly beautiful sandal, so don't miss out!

*Please note that we can not send photos of individual pairs, they are all of a very similar standard.

*No refunds will be issued for 'seconds' stock. To ensure you are purchasing the correct size, we recommend measuring your child's feet and using the size guide below.



Child’s Shoe Size

AU|US Size 4

AU|US Size 5

AU|US Size 6

AU|US Size 7

Length of outsole






About the sandal:

Adorable hard soled sandals, handcrafted in genuine smooth leather and a rubber base. The insoles are made from vegetable leather, a traditional, artisanal process where the leather is dyed using natural materials such as wood and bark. The raw leather is soaked in baths for months at a time. This tanning process makes the leather free of harmful chemicals as well as being more eco friendly. It also makes the leather softer and more durable for your little ones feet!

Special Care Instructions: We recommend keeping the shoes away from water for the first month. This allows the leather time to absorb oils naturally and produce a natural water resistance.